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Why invest on SQSHIB ?

Developer experience

Our development team has had several 10x successful tokens so far, which can go the same way

Low tax gem

In the active market, the low tax of a token can turn it into a diamond, because of its high value, it will be seen by whales.

Liqudity Burned

No risks of rug pull, you are in the safe side for ever , with the result that the graph will resemble the trajectory of a rocket flight.

Max wallet

We set a max wallet of 2% in order to avoid dumping, and to always have 100/100 on platforms similar to tokensniffer. This will allow us to reduce swing-trading and break whales' control.


Our vision is to become the top facilitator for offering a Multipurpose trading chart platform within the growing revolutionary space of cryptocurrency, while simultaneously contributing to the greater good with fees generated from the SQUID SHIB platform.


SQSHIB Trading Platform - Releasing soon

Check the demo video of the platform - Soon